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Annick Niclas, Ph D, worked 16 years on international medical manufacturing sites. Director of Cabinet ACE Performance that she created in 2006, she offers her skills in quality organization, compliance, management, individual employees’ skills development, training and coaching for the Medical Industry ( Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices) as well as non-medical field.


Rémi COLLIN, an Industrial Plastics Engineer, worked for 27 years on an international medical production site. Having several patents to his credit, attracted by the specific know-how of a company that is his product, he supports start-ups, very small businesses, SMEs or large industrial groups from the design to the marketing of their Medical Devices.

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Annick Niclas


Rémi Collin

Founder of Rems Performance
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Why Choose Us


Our experience

More than 26 years in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Industries.

Our expertise

Quality Vice President position on international production sites giving her a good knowledge of the organizations, their performance and the issues related to change.

Our skills

Competent and recognized skills such as coaching, training and consulting.

Our network and our know-how

Knowing how to rely on a professional network, to systematically adapt its offer to the needs of the client, to innovate and to be enthusiastic are the main qualities of your partner.
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: +33 6 89 55 57 76
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: a.niclas@ace-cabinet .fr


Our motivation: skill up your employees efficiency

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